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antsAnts belong to kingdom Animalia, phylum Arthropoda, class formicidae and order hymenoptera. Their ancestors are wasps and they belong to the cretaceous period. Ants have antennae and slim waists with powerful jaws. They live in colonies and reside in most parts of the world. They are social organisms and exhibit various kinds of relationships with other organisms in the environment.Like humans societies, ant societies communicate between each other and have the capability to solve complex problems. Ants are used for medicinal purposes and food. They are hazardous because they damage crops and cause allergic reactions in humans. Ants can be as long as 2 inches and are about the size of a paper clip. They are usually black or red. Over 12,000 ant species exist and tropical regions are the most diverse. Ants look like termites although they differ from termites in that they have a slim waist. They may be found in trees, underground and in mounds. Ants are omnivores and eat both plants and animals.
 Queens are the head of aunt communities and they lay thousands of eggs while males mate with the queen.Chemicals called pheromones are used to communicate between eat each other and sources of food are insects, seeds, fungus and nectar. Colony sizes of ants can range from 300,000 to 500,000. There are various types of ants: Acrobat ants have several species in the United States and are small in appearance. They are usually found outdoors near moisture and eat insects and honeydew. A trail of ants is a sign of acrobat ant infestation. Carpenter ants are one of largest ants and are usually black or yellowish or reddish. They are found both outdoors and indoors. Fire ants are reddish and range from about 1 mm to 5 mm and are usually found on the ground.They are omnivores. Field ants could be yellow, red or black and belong to a very diverse genus Formica. They are found near trees, rocks, sidewalks and foundations of buildings. Field ants can bite and their bites can be very painful. They eat honeydew and many of them are scavengers. Moisture ants are yellow in color and produce a lemon scent. Pavement ants have parallel lines on their heads and thoraxes. They can sting and bite. Pavement ants range from about 2 to 3 mm and are found mainly in the Midwestern section of United States. They can undergo complete metamorphosis from the egg to the larva,the pupal and mature adult. Argentine ants have 12 segments and are omnivorous. They undergo complete metamorphosis. They feed on sweets, honeydew and oily foods. Argentine ants live in the soil, underwood, log, shrubs, trees and debris. Thief ants are mostly yellow or brown and are attracted to cheese and greasy foods. They are the tiniest species of ants and are also known as sugar ants. Thief ants have compound eyes and a waist with two nodes. Moisture ants are yellow in color and are very common from the Pacific Northwest to North England.We Get Rid Of:

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