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bed-bugs1Bedbugs are parasites that feed on human blood and are found all over the world. They increased in the developed world after the decline of bedbug incidences in the early20th century. Increased foreign travel, immigration and increased resistance to pests might be responsible for the resurgence. Bedbugs are segmented with microscopic hairs. They resemble booklice, carpet beetles and small cockroaches.The adults are brown and oval shaped and close to 5 millimeters long. They belong to the kingdom Animalia and phylum arthropoda. They feed on human and animal blood. Their habitat is in warm houses and near or inside beds. Bedbugs are not exclusively nocturnal creatures but function highly at night. Bedbugs can cause skin rashes and other allergic symptoms. Houses become infected from infested items and wild animals. Signs of bed bug infestations include fecal spots, blood smears on bed sheets and empty exoskeletons on the bed sheets. They usually live in congregates.
They reside in furniture, luggages and inside vehicles. Bedbugs live also on cats and dogs. They smell like rotten strawberries. Various methods are used to eradicate bed bugs. Heating treatments, bed bug detection dogs and a combination treatment of heat and drying. The heat and drying combination works best. There has been an increased resistance to pesticides lately. Bedbugs also have predators that hunt them. Mites, centipedes, cockroaches and masked hunter insects. They communicate using pheromones. They survive wide temperature ranges and get their moisture from water vapor.They are attracted to hosts by carbon di oxide and the warmth of bodies and feed mainly on the face, neck and arms. They can survive long days without food. Bedbugs pierce the skin of their hosts with their maxillae and mandibles. Reproduction is by traumatic insemination also known as hypodermic insemination in which the male species pierces the female species abdomen with its penis and injects sperm through the wound into the abdomen. The wound in the abdomen might be infected and hazardous to the female’s health. The life stages of bedbugs are 5 immature nymph stages and one mature adult stage. They shed their exoskeletons through a process called ecdysis and molt six times before they become adults. Female bedbugs are capable of laying hundreds of eggs in their lifetime which are very tiny.There has been a pandemonium of bedbugs in recent years and after a meal they swell up and are red in color. They do not fly but more very quickly and live in crevices. They feed from approximately 2 to 10 minutes and prefer sleeping hosts. Itching and wefts are signs of a bed bug bite. It is advised that people place their clothes in a drier for at least 15 minutes upon returning home to kill bed bugs. The most common bedbug is the Cimex lectularius an all bedbugs belong to the family Cimicidae.

BEDBUG Extermination Preparation Sheet


1. Remove clutter from floors and away from walls.
2. Launder bed linens, bedspread, etc. in “hot” water. Leave bed unmade.
3. Wash clothes in “hot” water or have them dry cleaned, if required. After cleaned, store in sealed garbage bags or zip lock bags.
4. Remove all items from furniture (nightstands, dressers, desks, etc.). All drawers must be treated. Clean each piece, place in a plastic bag and then seal it tightly.
5. Closets must be completely emptied. All clothing, shoes, boxes, suitcases, etc., must be removed.
6. Remove and/or loosen all switch plates from outlets and light switches.
7. Remove any items that are mounted to the walls (i.e. – pictures, mirrors, but do not remove these items from the room). Clean each piece, place in a plastic bag and then seal it tightly.
8. Furniture should be removed at least 2 feet from the wall.
9. Bags, hats, shoes, books, magazines, papers, etc., must be thoroughly inspected and vacuumed, if possible, before being stored away.
10. All books should be removed from shelves. Books should be inspected and vacuumed, if possible, before storing them away.
11. (Every day) Vacuum bag must be discarded outside, immediately after use.
12. Purchase covers for mattress and box spring. Mattress covers can be purchased from Pest Control in Queens, NY.
13. Arrangements must be made to have any pets out of the apartment prior to treatment. Water filters on fish tanks must be turned off and the fish tank covered properly. 14. Please remember to safeguard all valuables and remove all breakables from all treatable areas.
15. Make sure the technician has access to all rooms and closets to be sure that an inspection and treatment can be done properly.

1. Open as many windows as possible (weather permitting).
2. Leave your home for 4 hours, or until the spray has dried. Keep pets and children off treated surfaces until the spray has dried. Any infants, pregnant women, or anyone with respiratory issues must be out of the unitfor 48 hours after treatment.
3. Allow mattresses to dry completely before putting mattress covers on.
4. Do not mop floor for 2-3 weeks

1. You should leave your home for 4 hours.
2. You may start to put your belongings back in place. Your clothing can go back into the closets and drawers. You can return books to the bookshelves.
Note! It is not uncommon to be bitten following treatment. You need to give the treatment time to work; at least 7-10 days. If instructions are not followed, you will significantly reduce the chances of eliminating the bedbug problem.

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