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mice2Mice belong to the Kingdom Animalia Phylum Chordata and Class Mammalia. Most mice live for less than one year. They are smaller than rats and have a pointed snout, long whiskers, and hairy tails, with large floppy ears. Mice are usually used as pets. Their main aim for invading households is in search of food and water. Predators of mice are cats, foxes, snakes and dogs. Mice destroy crops and are carriers of various diseases like the Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome.Mice are nocturnal creatures and have an acute sense of smell. Mice communicate using pheromones and have a gestational period of 20 days. Mice are mainly herbivores and feed on grains. They serve as food for snakes, lizards, frogs and birds. When mice are born they don’t have fur, but as they grow, they develop fur. Mice cause damage to clothing, furniture and books. Mice can also cause destruction in the form of fires. House mice are usually colored light gray and are small. They range from five to seven inches long while deer mice are small and brown on top with white feet.
Deer mice are the most common transmitters of the Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome. Various precautionary measures must be taken to eradicate mice. Firstly, all holes and cracks must be sealed to prevent entry and reentry of mice. Most importantly, good sanitary measures must be practiced. Food should be stored and garbage must be disposed. Moreover, gutters should be kept clean. Mice can reproduce quickly and as a result lead to high infestation. Voles are very close to appearance in mice and are herbivores. They are also destructive and very active both in the day and night. Some mice are adapted to live in harsh conditions an example is the hopping mice.The mice lives in deep burrows in the soil and conserves water from its food through special mechanisms. Mice are found all over the world and are warm blooded animals. There are many ways to control mice. Glues, classic snap traps, live traps and baits are used to control rats. However, cleanliness is the most effective method to get rid of all kinds of rodents. Repellents in the form of sound, natural or chemical can also be used to deter rodents. Snap traps and glue traps are the most commonly used traps. Mice are the most common animals used in the laboratory because they have a physiology similar to other mammals especially humans. Mice have lungs, kidneys, spleen, brain, reproductive organs, spinal cord, heart, liver, stomach, diaphragm, urinary bladder, thorax, small intestine, large intestine and gall bladder. Mice feces are rod shaped and are the size of a grain of rice.Mice feces house harmful bacteria and viruses. In the home, mice may be found in cardboard boxes, around electrical wiring, within walls and around paper. Mice are social and territorial in nature and sometimes they can live for up to 6 years. Mice are usually able to adapt to methods of treatment which is why it is best to seek the services of a expert.

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