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Rat3Rats belong to kingdom Animalia, phylum Chordata, class Mammalia and order rattus. They are larger than mice. There are over 2000 species of rats and they reproduce very fast. Rats are rodents and can transmit a number of diseases. They are warm blooded animals and found throughout the world. Holes need to be sealed to prevent rats from reentering. They are destructive to plants.Rats are found in all parts of the world and in order to prevent home infestation food must be stored, garbage must be empties, holes should be sealed and gutters around the home should be cleaned. The droppings of rats can house bacteria and viruses. Precautions must be taken when handling these droppings because the droppings can transmit Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome. Some rats burrow beneath that earth to build nests. Some rats have adapted to live in certain conditions. The kangaroo rat has adapted to living in the desert. It creates deep burrows in the soil and is brown or pale gray in color.
They have long tails and many of them are extinct. Kangaroo rats or hopping mice feed on seed, leaves, stems, buds, fruits and insects. Also, hopping mice are adapted to life in the desert and they get their moisture from food. Like kangaroo rats, hopping mice also live in deep burrows in the soil. The two most popular species of rats are the Norway rats and roof rats. Roof rats are black and smaller than Norway rats with much loner tails. Roof rats may make scratching and gnawing sounds on the roof of houses. These rats typically live on trees. Roof rats originated in tropical Asia and are omnivorous. They drink a lot of water in their diet and it serves as a prey to cats, weasels, foxes, coyotes, and owls. The brown rat also commonly called Norway rats, common rats or sewer rats.They are more popular in North America and Europe. The brown rat may be as long as 10 inches. Brown rats are nocturnal and they can swim both underwater and on the surface of water. Brown rats have a gestation period of about 21 days and a life span of up to 3 years. Brown rats live in large hierarchal groups and they carry pathogens that can cause diseases like the Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, Q fever, and rat bite fever. Rats are very prevalent in cities especially because of sanitation practices, climate and the standards of housing. For example in New York City, it is estimated that there may be more rats that people in all the boroughs of New York City. Rats are able to adapt to methods that control them and this is why it is sometimes difficult to get rid of them. Rat infestation have gradually increased over the past decade. There are many ways to control rats. Glues, classic snap traps, live traps and baits are used to control rats. However, cleanliness is the most effective method to get rid of all kinds of rodents.Repellents in the form of sound, natural or chemical can also be used to deter rodents. Snap traps and glue traps are the most commonly used traps.

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