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roaches-pest-controlCockroaches belong to kingdom Animalia, phylum Arthropoda, class insect and order Blattaria. The word cockroach is from the Spanish word cucaracha. There are over 4000 species of cockroaches and they are over 1 inch long. They have segmental bodies and are flat and oval shaped. With their wings made of leather and the long antennae and legs; they are nocturnal creates and shy away from light.Cockroaches have an exoskeleton made of chitin and jointed appendages. Cockroaches have an open circulatory system, ventral nervous system, digestive system and specialized sensory receptors. They are important to the ecosystem and recycle decay organic material. They are usually found in areas where there is food and waste deposits. This is the reason restaurants are highly infected by cockroaches. Cockroaches that are found in tropical regions are usually bigger. Cockroaches are very old species and are carriers of human disease. They also feed on paper and clothing. The predators that normally feed on cockroaches are bats, birds and spiders. They have odors and some make chirping noises. They body of cockroaches is divided into the head, thorax, and abdomen. Cockroaches reside all around the world.
The cockroaches that are found in homes usually have wings but don’t fly with them. Gaseous exchange occurs with their trachea because they don’t have lungs. Reproduction is by sexual reproduction and females may have about 400 offspring during their life time which lasts about one year. From egg to adulthood takes about 4 months. Cockroaches eat anything. They food on plants, animals, algae and fungi. Cockroaches can survive on limited resources. Wasps and centipedes are predators of cockroaches. In order to eradicate cockroaches, food needs to be stored away and the environment needs to be cleaned and kept dry. Cracks need to be sealed and the garbage needs emptied regularly. Roaches are repelled by naphthalene Boric acid powder, baits and hydramethylnon are used to kill cockroaches.Cockroaches are thigmotropic which means they like to be touched. They incubate their eggs in capsules called oothecae and get their vitamins that they need for survival from the bacteria in their bodies. Research has shown that cockroaches can actually be conditioned like Pavlov dogs. Cockroaches are really fast and they can live for weeks without their head. In the 14th century, cockroaches were used for medicinal purposes. Pheromones are used by cockroaches to attract mates and they mate facing away from each other. German, American, oriental, brown banded and woods roach are the most common house pests. The German roach is by far the most common roach in houses while oriental and American roaches are found in dark and damp areas. A lot of people are allergic to cockroaches and it can sometimes cause asthma in individuals. Dysentery, diarrhea, and other illnesses may be transmitted by cockroaches.We Get Rid Of:

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We Get Rid Of:

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